Can I paint a wooden dining chair?

The answer is quite simple: yes, you can paint your wooden dining chairs. If you have some old chairs, don’t throw them away yet. You can upcycle them and make them look new with a fresh coat of paint. Painting your old dining chairs can be a perfect DIY project for when you’re free. Here’s a complete guide on some tips you can use to paint your wooden chairs:

How to Paint A Wooden Dining Chair

Before starting the process, remember to gather around all the items you’ll need. These include an old sheet for protection, old clothes, sandpaper, paintbrushes, paint primer, and tack cloth. Don’t forget your chairs too. Next, you choose your working area, set up all your items, and begin the process.

The Painting Process

Remember, you can’t paint any chairs, but a solid wood dining chair is the best for a quick transformation. There are three main painting methods you can use to achieve your new chair look. Take a look at them:

1. Spray Painting

Spray painting is the easiest method you can use to paint your chairs. Using a paintbrush can be hectic and time-consuming, so why not use spray paint? All you need to do is purchase cans of spray paint from a home improvement store and start the process. Spray painting is especially great with furniture with lots of details and curves.

However, there are a few cons to using spray paint. Some say that it never gives you a good finish, and someone can almost tell the furniture was painted using spray paint. Moreover, you won’t get a huge selection of colors, and you’ll also have to get several cans to finish the process. Despite this, you can still work with spray paint since it’s the easiest to apply and requires less workforce.

2. Painting Using a Paintbrush and Paint Roller

If you have ever done any painting job using this technique, you can attest that it needs a lot of work and time. You’re going to need to:

  • Sand the surfaces of the chair with sandpaper to ensure the undercoat achieves good adhesion
  • Apply at least one coat of undercoat primer to give your topcoat a decent finish
  • Lightly sand each coat of paint using a fine grit sandpaper between each coat
  • Apply at least one coat of topcoat paint

You must brush paint around each part of the chair to ensure it’s even and smooth. You might need a smaller brush for the curved surfaces to get a smooth brushstroke-free finish. Although painting your chair using this method takes a lot of time, you’ll need to be thorough to get a finish on your dining room chairs using paint.

3. Painting Using a Sprayer

Painting your chairs using a paint sprayer is probably the best method. It gives you a completely flawless finish and isn’t complicated like the option above. However, there is more set-up involved, but the process is much faster than using paint and paintbrushes. If you have never used any paint sprayer before, ensure you confirm how to use it to avoid over-spraying or messy looks.

The only downside to using a paint sprayer is that it costs a little more in terms of the equipment that you’ll need, and you’ll need to do more preparation compared to using a paintbrush (or roller).

So, Can I Paint A Wooden Dining Chair?

So yes, you can! And there are several ways to paint your chair. There aren’t many chairs in the home that you can paint, as you wouldn’t paint a sofa, living room chair or office chair! However, dining room chairs you most definitely can.

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