Can I Use a Massage Chair If I Am Pregnant?

The days and months leading up to delivery can bring you lots of aches, jabs, and pains. It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to contemplate a massage every now and then. But yes, just like a prenatal massage, electric massage chairs are safe if you use them appropriately.

You can get some relief from the back aches, which helps you relax. A massage chair can be a great alternative when you can’t access a licensed therapist for a massage. But here is what you need to remember if you decide to go for it.

Use Low to Moderate Settings

The vibrations on electric massage chairs are what bring a lot of controversies. Some say they can cause early labor or a miscarriage. But the truth is the vibrations aren’t strong enough to cause your baby harm. Your child experiences almost the same amount of vibrations when you are walking, and walking is a great thing.

Keep the settings low or moderate, and everything will be fine. It’s always great to have an expert around to help you through the massage. However, even if you use the highest setting, there won’t be any harm caused to your belly because you are in a sitting position.

Beware Of the Heat

If the chair has a heating function, you should keep tabs on your body temperature. Avoid cranking up the heat on the heating pads. The heat should be mild. Raising your body temperature too much during pregnancy can cause complications. That’s why things like saunas and hot tubs are very discouraged.

You should stop the massage and hydrate if you feel too hot or faint. Most experts suggest spending around twenty minutes on the chair for one massage session. That’s more than enough time to reap the benefits of these chairs.

When to Avoid Massage Chairs When Pregnant

Some people don’t enjoy these chairs during the first trimester and the last few weeks of pregnancy. But that’s not true for everyone; you might find it comfortable at all times. However, you should avoid massage chairs for some of these reasons.

Severe morning sickness can be a reason to skip the chair. The jostling around and chair movements can make you feel more nauseated.

Back pain during pregnancy can get tricky. If you are experiencing lower back pain, sometimes getting on the chair can irritate the area even more. But you can still try and gauge how you feel afterward. If you are having a lot of pain, it’s best to talk to a healthcare professional before trying the chair.

If you have sciatica, getting a massage can trigger more pain in the already overworked muscles and nerves in the sensitive areas.

If you have swellings or water-retention, you may create further discomfort for yourself.

Overall, these chairs are safe to use when pregnant. But if you’re not 100% sure, do talk to a doctor or medical professional first.

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