How do I know if a chair meets fire regulations?

Fire outbreaks are lethal. Domestic upholstered furniture accelerates the fast spread of flames in case of a fire outbreak in a home as they are substantial fuel sources for fires. This causes up to 17% of deaths in home fires annually.

Fire regulations and standards aim to prevent fire outbreaks and moderate the overwhelming effects of fire outbreaks. Fire safety regulations are different for chairs manufactured for domestic and non-domestic locations.

Furniture and Upholstery Fire Safety Regulations in the US

Over the years, the United States CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has introduced compulsory federal ignitability standards for furniture and upholstered items production. This independent agency collaborates with independent institutions to advance safety fire regulations for furniture production.

Furniture and Upholstery Fire Safety Regulations in the UK

If you intend to purchase chairs that conform to fire regulations, you should check if the chairs comply with British standards.

British standards are categorized into two: specification and test procedure. Specification standards stipulate the performance requirements. What you need to check on your chair for specification standard is BS 7176: 2007. This operates to furniture and upholstered items specifying the furniture’s fire resistance. Purchasing a chair that doesn’t meet this specification standard is not advisable.

The test procedure is a standard that particularizes the process needed to attain performance levels prepared by the specification. Standards you need to check out on your chair before purchasing include BS EN 1021-2, BS EN 1021-1, and BS 5852:2006. These indicate that match and cigarette tests have been done on the product before retailing.

These standards set the conditions representing the ignitability of chairs for utilization in non-domestic venues.

Where Can You Find an Ignition Label on a Chair?

Fire regulations outline specific labeling requirements. A fire-resistant chair us have an ‘ignition label‘. This shows that the product fulfills the required safety standards.

Usually, fire labels should be on the external surfaces of a chair. Manufacturers must securely fix them. Right standards outline that one of the labels should be attached to individual parts of the chair.

According to CPSC, ignition labels on chairs should have permanent labels stating that the product complies with United States CPSC conditions for furniture flammability.

Every fire label is either stapled or sewn underneath the sofa or into the headrests and cushions. Usually, fire labels have batch numbers. If any problem arises concerning the fire safety of the chair, the number is used to tack down the manufacturer.

Before you make any chair purchases, ensure that ignition labels are well visible on the product.

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