6 Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person – Chair for Big Guys

Being someone with 6 feet and above height, it isn’t easy to find the perfect sized massage chairs for yourself. There are plenty of options available in the market to provide you maximum comfort, but not every chair is designed for tall people. If you are tall, it is suggested to go for a massage chair that can easily accommodate your weight and height. 

You must be wondering why an oversized massage chair? Because an ordinary one doesn’t give you enough room to move freely. You may end up with pain in muscles and aching shoulders after massage. To prevent you from falling into the trap of regular chairs, I’ve listed the best massage chairs for tall person that can easily fit your size.

Always zero gravity massage chair is the best pick for a tall person. It has 32 massage airbags that work intensely on giving your shoulders, neck, and back relaxation. The built-in heaters act as waist massagers, and the zero gravity, the space-saving design, provides extra room.

Quick Overview Of Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person

1. Always Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The zero gravity massage chair is the best for a tall person with a perfect space-saving design. It is sturdy and highly functional. 

2. Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair

An ideal massage chair is one of the most affordable massage chairs, with ten automatic massage options. 

3. Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

The six rollers function makes the Kahuna massage chair an excellent choice for people looking for a solid and soothing massage. 

4. Infinity IT-8500 X3

Infinity IT-8500 X3 massage chair has very advanced technology as it offers the users with Bluetooth option and extra comfort. 

5. Luraco i7 PLUS

Luraco i7 PLUS is a top-notch medically recommended massage chair. The five personal user memory settings help the whole family get the perfect massage.

6. Mynta Massage Chair

This excellent massage chair has 3D massage rollers that give you an intense massage and provide your internal tissues with stress relief.

Six Best Massage Chair for Big and Tall

1 Always Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Best Selling Message Chair

Always Zero Gravity

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Top Features:
  • Zero Gravity feature.
  • 3D massage chair.
  • SL Track Design.
  • Thai Stretching.
  • Space Saving.
  • Lifetime Warranty Policy.

While buying a perfect massage chair for tall people, you must have come across many chairs with zero gravity features. But, what is this zero gravity feature? When you get into a zero gravity massage chair, your body feels weightless, taking off all the weight from your back and giving your heart comfort. 

It also increases the overall massaging ability of the chair. Nothing can beat the class of this finely designed Always zero gravity massage chair. It perfect chair for person over 6 feet tall to accommodates relaction without giving them aches. 

The best function of this chair is automatic body detection. With that said, you don’t have to set the massaging points manually. The chair automatically adjusts itself according to the height and weight of the person.

The 32 massage airbags in the chair ensure the desired comfort level. If you like getting a human massage, don’t worry, as this chair offers an excellent working 3D robot hands feature to massage the neck, back smoothly, and other parts. 

Do you have severe backache? This chair has a built-in heating function that boosts the massaging power and provides extra ease to your back. 

More importantly, you will also feel a good change in overall blood circulation and metabolism. The classy design of this chair makes it a perfect fit for your lounge or living room

Fan of smart devices? Connect this chair to Bluetooth using the available Bluetooth option, and get access to many more fascinating features. 

  • Air massage and heat functions
  • Eight stationary massage points
  • Space-saving design
  • Zero gravity and V-shaped design
  • No proper installment guidelines

2 Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair

Editor’s Choice

Ideal Massage Shiatsu Chair

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Top Features:
  • ┬áS L-track zero gravity.
  • Auto height detection.
  • Electronic rollers.

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a massage at the end of the day in the widest massage chair? The ideal massage shiatsu chair is higlhy comfortable and vast in size. This feature gives it a chance to stand out among other competing products of the same category. 

It has all the excellent features and functions that an ordinary massage chair lacks. If you are tall and find most massage chairs out of your size, you can try this chair as it is a good fit for people 6 feet and above. For people who prefer functionality over style, this massage chair is perfect. It gives you the privilege of enjoying ten different massage positions. 

It also offers a zero-gravity posture with a built-in heating mechanism to give your back a therapeutic massage and melt away the stress. The L-track is considered the longest track in the massage chair industry, which means you can easily recline your body in any desired position.

The six excellent massage techniques like kneading, tapping, Shiatsu massage, combo, and rolling make this chair different from its competitors. There is also an option of air acupressure massage, having multi-chambered airbags that relieve tension from your legs and overall body producing minimum noise.

It is highly durable with innovative 3D features and can easily accommodate weight up to 300 lbs. But, the unique feature of this chair is the double-layered and well-cushioned pillow. You can rest your head on it while getting a smooth massage to wipe away all the stress and tensions from your body.

  • Auto adjustable height
  • Compact design
  • Four preset massage programs
  • Six different massage techniques
  • It can be noisy at times

3 Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

Top Features:
  • Triple Hip airbags.
  • 9 Auto programs.
  • ┬áRemote controller.
  • LED lighting.

Big body and enormous height? Don’t worry; this excellent Kahuna superior massage chair is for you. Kahuna is one of those brands that don’t overshadow the importance of designing wide chairs for tall people. 

What makes this chair different from others is the efficient working hybrid S/L track and six roller system that gives your whole body a deep massage. This on-point message feature makes this chair a top-notch product in the race of other massage chairs. 

The air cell massage system with advanced foot massage technology is what excites most people. What makes it the widest massage chair? The 24 inches wide shoulder area and 21 inches seating provides maximum space for tall and wide people to sit and get a relaxing massage. 

There are various excellent features of the Kahuna chair, but the most attractive feature is the zero gravity option that gives your body great comfort. The fact that it has this fantastic Yoga feature that enables tall people to perform yoga on it using a yoga mat makes this chair a must-have product. The yoga feature isn’t deep massaging but simple warming up steps. 

Nine auto programs with four special programs such as yoga stretching, fast recovery, pain relief, relaxation, athlete, office person, golfer, senior mode, and dynamic sport are available in this excellent chair introduced by Kahuna. All these programs help in enhancing your overall massage experience. 

  • Space-saving design
  • Remote control device
  • Strong and sturdy
  • High-quality stretch function
  • Cannot increase programs intensity

4 Infinity IT-8500 X3

Top Features:
  • Heating modules heat.

Infinity IT-8500 X3 is something that has specifically designed pain relief features. It is known as the best massage chair for tall people due to its 3D and excellent stretching functions. Not only the sleek design of this chair makes it attractive, but an auto-scanning feature is also present in it.

That will adjust the setting according to your body height. The chair automatically detects the body and starts massaging utilizing advanced techniques. The Bluetooth option and the fact that it comes with a remote system make this chair very attractive for all the tall people looking for something comfortable yet advanced.

The zero-gravity feature allows you to raise your legs above your heart, making your body weightless. Almost five 3D intensity levels provide the user everything, from light to deep tissue massage. Found something missing? A lumbar heat function quickly works on relaxing the tense muscles before starting the massage. 

Don’t forget your feet! Use the airbags option to reduce the tension because the maximum work a person does is using their feet. So, feet also need as much attention as the whole body, and this chair gives you that needed feet massage. 

  • Sleep and rest option
  • Deep tissue massage technology
  • Stress relieving
  • Strong frame and material
  • No buttock massage option

5 Luraco i7 Plus

Luraco i7 Plus

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Top Features:
  • Noise reduction technology.
  • Pause and resume buttons.
  • Fda, CE, and UL listed.

Who doesn’t like the idea of owning a licensed and health-friendly device? The Luraco i7 is FDA approved and the first choice of all health professionals. This excellent massage chair doesn’t work as an ordinary chair but offers various healthy features to keep you medically fit. 

It has the best massage chair pad for tall people with an S-type track that naturally adjusts your spine curve. Once you fit into the chair, the rollers keenly start working together to give you the best massage experience. Embedding 3D features in massaging products has become very common, but what makes this massage chair different is the 4D technology.

The i7 Plus has additional swivel massage and hip twists that efficiently reduce your stress and back compressions. Pregnant ladies who need special chair or injured people can enjoy a smooth and slow massage, carefully decreasing spinal pain or aches. 

This i7 plus is a predecessor of the very popular i7, but it offers various advanced features. Like i7, this massage chair also has a touch screen and user-friendly remote that works powerfully and improves users’ overall experience. 

If you love getting various massages or combining them, you can get this by a Luraco i7 plus. It has advanced massage options like kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu, air mode, neck, head, etc. 

  • Very durable and fast-working
  • Medically recommended
  • Heat therapy to ease back pain
  • Long warranty
  • Nine pre-programmed massage designs
  • Some people complained about manufacturing material

6 Mynta Massage Chair

Top Features:
  • Automatic acupoint.
  • Zero Gravity Recliner.
  • Deep 3D Massage Rollers.
  • Customizable Massage Options.
  • 12 Months Warranty.

Are you a big fan of Thai stretch? Don’t wait, and quickly grab this best massage chair for a tall person. Mynta chair has this attractive feature of 32 airbags that solely focus on relieving the pressure and stress from your neck, shoulders, back, etc. 

The extended S/L track perfectly accommodates your tall legs, preventing you from having sore legs after massage. The 3D rollers present in the back make sure you get keen attention to your hip and back area that makes it best chair to provides relief from back pain

The best zero gravity chair with a space-saving design is only 6 inches from the wall to the chair. There are also quick working foot rollers that comfort your feet while your body comfortably sets in the chair. Being one of the classy designed massage chairs, the mere presence of this chair in your home makes you feel contented.

Smart devices are in trend, so you don’t have to set or adjust anything manually. Pick up the remote and select the rollers and body massagers to any desired position. This chair is very comfortable, so you can also sleep in it if you are exhausted and won’t wake up with sore muscles. 

  • Pain reliever
  • Smart Acupoint scanning
  • Airbags provide good pressure
  • Very easy to install
  • Remote isn’t very user friendly


While buying the best massage chair for a tall person, consider these six massage chairs and their features. The best one on the list is the Always zero gravity chair, as it has all the excellent features that perfectly suit your tall and broad body.

But, if you are in search of some approved and medically recommended product, then go for Luraco i7 plus as it’s best for maintaining good health. 

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