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Let’s be honest, being pregnant offers several challenges from a health perspective, let alone trying to work too! Working while pregnant is a necessity for many of us, and therefore you’ll want to be as comfortable as you possibly can.

If you’re going to be working all the way up to the final days of your pregnancy, that means you’re going to need a chair that’s comfortable, practical and adjustable. Very obviously, as your belly grows and your baby grows, your chair needs to support your belly and your back appropriately.

As we’re talking about office chairs, let’s talk about the best office chair for pregnancy. If you’re working in an office, or from home, there’s a reasonable chance you’re going to be spending several hours in front of your desk and computer.

My first recommendation, that’s not even chair related…

I hope that you’re taking regular breaks away from your desk through the day? This is healthy even if you weren’t pregnant! But you might find you need more breaks during your pregnancy. Moving around might help reduce cramp or simply give you a break from any aches you might be feeling. Walking around and getting some fresh air really do help.

What we’re looking for in an office chair to support you during your pregnancy

1. How adjustable is your office chair?

This is easily the most important factor in choosing a chair for the office. You want to be able to adjust the seat height of your chair (which you might lower as your bump grows). You want to be able to adjust the back support of the chair (as you’ll need different support as you change shape).

You might also want to change the tilt of your chair seat, and potentially adjust the lumbar support. Rather obviously, the controls for adjusting the back support is the most important factor in terms of how comfortable a chair is for your back.

2. Will the chair comfortably support your weight?

I’m sorry to say this, but I have to be honest with you! As your baby grows during your pregnancy, your weight is obviously going to increase. You’ll want to avoid the cheap and bog-standard office chairs, as they’re a high risk that they’ll be imbalanced as your weight changes. You’re going to want a strong and sturdy chair to help keep you comfortable.

3. Is the seat and back breathable?

There’s a possibility that you’re going to have temperature fluctuations and flushes during your pregnancy. Having a chair that has a breathable seat and backrest will help you to keep cool in those moments.

4. Does the chair seat have plenty of padding and support?

Clearly you can add a cushion to your chair seat if you really need it, yet if the seat already has a firm foam cushion built-in you’re saving yourself some hassle.


Finding an Office Chair for Pregnancy – My 6 top picks

1. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair – solid, sturdy and adjustable

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair
Top Features:
  • Highly adjustable – from fully upright to reclining
  • Breathable mesh on the back support
  • High density foam cushion seat
  • Smooth and study wheels to make it easy to move around
  • Supports weight up to 330lb
  • Over 5000 reviews

Why I like this chair:

This chair has a back rest that reclines up to 120º, which will give you plenty of space for you and your bump. Along with a head support and adjustable lumbar support, there’s plenty of support for you here. The arm rests move really easily without any tools, ideal if you’re adjusting the height of your seat during your pregnancy.

There’s a mesh back support here, to ensure there’s plenty of airflow for your back (and if it’s too much, you can always put on a jacket or a blanket). What stands out are the wheels of the chair. They remind me a lot of the wheels you get on rollerblades!

With plenty of reviews for this chair, with an overwhelmingly positive rating, this chair is definitely a contender as an office chair during your pregnancy.

2. SAMOFU Highly Adjustable Executive Chair – brilliant range of comfort settings

SAMOFU Highly Adjustable Executive Chair
Top Features:
  • A highly adjustable headrest – with swivel and height adjustment.
  • Breathable mesh on the back support
  • Height adjustable backrest, which can tilt up to 135º
  • Adjustable seat depth and lift
  • Adjustable arm rests which can move up, down, left, right and rotate
  • Supports weight up to 300lb

Why I like this chair:

This chair is incredibly adjustable, and one of the most adjustable chairs that I’ve seen during my research. The headrest and armrests are particularly easy to customise your comfort. As your belly grows during pregnancy, you might find that being able to move the arm rests to be particularly helpful.

I also like how you can adjust the seat depth, so that you can give yourself more seat space towards the backrest. Of course, you get the mesh backing and adjustable lumbar support that you see in other chairs too.

This office chair is most definitely worthy of a look as I think the seat and headrest settings are going to be particularly useful for you.

3. Qulomvs Pink Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair – something a bit different

Qulomvs Pink Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair
Top Features:
  • An adjustable office chair – in PINK!
  • Breathable mesh on the back support, and breathable cushion seat
  • Adjustable backrest which can tilt from 90º to 135º
  • Easy to assemble within 15 minutes
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support
  • Supports weight up to 300lb

So pink isn’t everyone’s thing, but I’ve included it here as this chair is more than a novelty. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this chair is just a gimmick, but with plenty of positive reviews and a decent range of adjustable settings, it’s worthy of a mention.

With adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and the usual height adjustment, this office chair clearly competes with the more classic black or grey office seats. So yes, whilst it is pink, it does have the proper support to ensure that it’s a comfortable chair for your back.

4. Big and Tall Office Chair with USB Massager – designed to support up to 500lb

Big and Tall Office Chair with USB Massager
Top Features:
  • Designed for up to 6 foot in height, and 500lb in weight
  • Soft and comfortable soft PU leather, which is easy to clean
  • Adjustable backrest and seat tilt
  • Plenty of supporting padding in the seat and back
  • Unusually features a built-in USB massager

I’ve picked this chair out as it has a higher weight limit and is designed for a taller and bigger lady. I’m not trying to be mean, but if you have a larger frame, this is a chair that might help you to feel comfortable. The reviews are very positive for this chair regarding the weight support, with a couple of reviewers suggesting it’s not ideal if you’re over 6 foot. So read some more reviews to see what you think.

The backrest and seat do tilt on this chair, but the arm rests do not appear to be adjustable. A bit of a curveball, but this chair features a USB massager. The reviews suggest this is a gimmick and is not that effective. You might appreciate a heated blanket or your own back massager if that’s something that’s going to help you to feel more comfortable during your pregnancy.

At 49lb in weight, this is not a portable chair, this chair has clearly been designed with strength in mind, as it’s able to support up to 40% more than other chairs I’ve picked out.

5. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair
Top Features:
  • Features up to 5 ergonomic adjustable settings
  • Mesh backrest for airflow and breathability
  • Includes adjustable headrest, tilt, back support and arms
  • Supports up to 330lb
  • Generous 3-year warranty
  • Available in red and black

Another option for a highly adjustable office chair with a mesh backing, this chair comes in both red and black. Since comfort settings are essential for you during your pregnancy, this chair has settings for the headrest, seat tilt, back support, arm rests as well as the seat height. I quite like the design of the red chair myself, but the classic black colour might be more suited to your taste.

Assembling is easy, and the design is not too heavy either at 42lb. It can hold up to 330 lbs of weight. The gliders are smooth but slightly noisy—a good option for an office or home chair or desk chair to add to your office or home.


6. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair
Top Features:
  • Features highly adjustable armrests, lumbar support, back support and headrest
  • Mesh backrest for airflow and breathability
  • The armrests can be adjusted in several directions
  • Supports up to 275lb
  • Available in red, blue, grey and black

This stylish chair comes in 4 different colours, which is quite a range (blue, red, grey and traditional black). The supporting headrest and armrests are completely adjustable, with the latter movable in 4 directions (which is why they call it their 4D technology, where D = direction rather than dimension).

The backrest is designed to gently wrap around your back, with adjustable lumbar support to fit the curve of your back. During your pregnancy you might find you want to adjust the lumbar padding to support your back shape as your baby grows.

The W-shaped cushion has been designed for supporting your thighs if you’re sitting for long periods of time.

The chair backrest can be tilted back up to 135º, which is at the higher range of movement that I’ve seen in adjustable office chairs. However, the 275lb weight limit means that this is at the lower end of weight support compared to other chairs.

Final Thoughts on the best chair for pregnancy

From researching these chairs for you, there are some trends in what I’ve found:

  • The best chairs for pregnancy are the ones with more adjustments and settings for your comfort
  • There appears to be a tradeoff between adjustments and the weight limit.
  • If you think you might get warm during your pregnancy, you’re going to appreciate chairs with the mesh backrest to help keep your back cool
  • Chairs with a mesh backrest seem to be the chairs that are highly adjustable
  • If you don’t want a black chair, there are other colour options, including pink, red, blue, grey and white!

FAQs section

How to sit in an office chair during pregnancy?

You’ll want to sit upright as best as you can in your chair, taking advantage of the backrest to support your back. However, this might feel tiring and you might be tempted to slouch. As best you can, try not to. Play with the adjustments on your chair (including the lumbar support) to see if you can make yourself more comfortable.

What position should be avoided during pregnancy?

Usually, bending forward too much may put too much pressure on your bump or your internal organs. Ideally you want to feel as relaxed as possible whilst working at your desk.

Can my sitting position hurt my baby?

No, your baby is safe. You might want to move around frequently to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible.

Is it OK to rock in a chair while pregnant?

Whilst you could, office chairs are not designed for rocking. You might inadvertently damage the chair, making it less stable for you.

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