How to Fix a Sinking Office Chair? 2 Ways to Fix Chair Sinking

Are you annoyed by the sagging of your desk chair? This is the most common problem faced after the long-term use of the office chair, or some chairs are not good at performing their deed at first. Well, the first thought is how to fix a sinking office chair. We will be discussing some methods for the act but first, let us get through the system because of which office chair sinks. 


A pneumatic system is the one that uses pressurized gas filled in a cylinder, and the compressor is attached to control the up and down movement of the chair by lifting the metallic pipes against each other.

Hydraulic system:

This system is the one that uses a liquid for the mechanism of moving of chair horizontally. The force applied by the pressurized liquid push the piston and enable the seat to be adjusted at the desired height.

So, these systems are equally productive. Let us find out how to fix a sinking office chair. The lack of this methodology leads a person to set a chair that keeps sinking. Cutting it short, there are mainly two techniques for stopping the chair from falling. 

How to fix a sinking office chair: 2 Simple Ways

1- The hose clamp method:

This works with the principle of placing a hose clamp at the required height on the adjustable cylinder pipe. Leaving the chair left with no more height adjustments and a fixed size only. The steps required for this technique to improve office chair sinking are:

  • The plastic covering that hides the adjustable metallic pipe is scrolled up and down to let the pipe appear.
  • Adjust the height of the seat. This should exactly be equal to the size of your knees. Mind that you would not be able to change the height after the clamp attachment. 
  • Tighten a hose clamp at the desired height of the metallic cylinder. Fasten it tight so that it will not fall apart. 

2- Using the PVC method:

The principle of this method for fixing a sinking desk chair is the same as the clamp method. This requires a little more effort. A PVC pipe is to be attached at the desired height to the metallic cylinder, ceasing the movement of the cylinder due to the systems mentioned above. The tactic for how to fix a computer chair that keeps sinking is explained as follows:

  • Reveal the metal cylinder hidden under the plastic cover by moving it up. 
  • A PVC pipe is required of the same diameter as that of the metal cylinder. For this purpose, measure the diameter of the metal cylinder.
  • Take the PVC of the same diameter or a slightly bigger one.  
  • Using a saw, cut a slit on one side of the pipe.
  • Cut the pipe by adjusting the required seat height.
  • Now attach the pipe to the cylinder.
  • Suppose a slit is not added. Remove the base and place the PVC pipe.

Other methoods to fix office chair that sinks

These two methods are purely for how to STOP office chairs from sinking. Other ways to fix chair sinking are:

1- Change the gas cylinder. But that is a messy and arduous method to fix an office chair from sinking. This will cost almost around having a new chair.

2- Get a “chair saving kit” this is a ready-made clamp to fix an office chair that sinks. To place it in the metallic cylinder. Hassle-free and clock friendly too. 

These are the best possible solutions for fixing a computer or office chair that keeps sinking. A keen attempt to focus on the measurements will vanish away the problem.

FAQs how to fix a chair that keeps sinking

Why is my office chair sinking?

As mentioned earlier, the two systems control the height adjustments of the chair. A piston is present that controls the pressure on the cylinder, letting air enter or exit the cylinder through a valve. This dysfunction of this valve leads to the office chair sinking. 

What to do if the chair keeps sinking?

The best possible way to get rid of this situation is by using a clamp method or applying the PVC technique. Both are tried and tested mechanisms and work efficiently.

Replacing the chair with a new one if you can afford it is also a solution because chair sinking is severe and can result in hazardous backbone problems. So please get rid of it by using any of the methods explained above as soon as possible.

What is a chair tilt lock?

The ergonomic-friendly chair systems have a unique feature called tilt lock. When the user rests its back, the chair tilts backward. This pressure on the back can be controlled by a knob known as a tilt lock.

Some chairs have the feature of locking at only defined angles, and some can be locked at any desired angle. A tilt-lock lessens the pressure on the seat and avoids the office chair sinking.

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