How to Fix an Office Chair That Would Not Stand up

The perfect work comes with a lot of struggles. Hectic days and nights with loads of uncomfortable sittings. A relaxing chair is what is left for you in the end. What if it ditches you and would not stay up. That is surely a nightmare. This needs to bs fixed as soon as possible. Before learning about how to fix an office chair that won’t stay up, lets discuss the mechanism on which it operates.

Pneumatic system:

Most of the desk chair have this system installed. It consists of a gas cylinder that is filled with nitrogen gas and a piston attached to it with the release or increase of pressure the piston moves the chair up and down.

So, if there is a problem with the piston the chair does not stays upright and starts sinking. If your computer chair won’t stay up, you are at the right place to deal with it.

How to Fix an Office Chair That Would Not Stand up – 5 Fixing Methods:

1. Replace gas cylinder:

if something is troubling you the best possible fix is to get rid of it or replace it with something new.

Likewise, get a new gas cylinder and replace it. This is the best solution but it will cost you almost equal to buy a new office chair.

 2. Chair riser:

These are easily available pack of four rubber grippers that are attached to the base of the chair and thus increase the chair height. This will make the casters to be removed and thus you have to choose between casters or height. Once fixed the chair will be heighted and no more issue of sinking.

       To fix an office chair not staying up the above methods are costly and time consuming as you have to wait for the delivery.

 3. Hose clamp method:

This method is easy and affordable one. Just follow some steps with the things required as:

  • A clamp and screw.
  • A duct tapes.
  • A screw driver.

Remove the plastic cover of the metal cylinder of the chair that won’t stay up. After that measuring the desired height of the chair place the clamp with the screw with the help of screw driver. Wrap it with a duct tape so that it remains intact. This will not allow to readjust height anymore.

 4. PVC method:

For this method you will require:

  • A PVC pipes.
  • A saw.

Get a PVC pipe of the diameter of the metal cylinder. The cylinder diameter is usually of 2 centimeters.  Now cut a slit at one side of the pipe this will help you at not detaching the whole base. 

Now at your desired seat height attach the PVC piece that that you have already cut. Now get the chair upright and check it if its intact at its place. With satisfaction enjoy rectification of your office chair that won’t stay up.

 5. chair saver kit:

A ready-made method. It consists of set of rings that are to be placed similar to the hose clamp method just that you don’t need tighten the screws for it.

These all methods are easy and simple. It is up to you which is more convenient. This fixture should be done keenly. A little mishandling will lead to backache problems. An office chair should be ergonomically perfect so that the work doesn’t seem to be a burden. Or it should help to relief from back pain.


How do I fix the hydraulics on my office chair?

This can be done by using the following methods:

Hose clamp method.
PVC pipe method.
Installing a chair saver kit.
Relacing the gas cylinder.
Lubricating the parts of chair.

How do I get my chair back to stay up?

A knob attached at the base of the chair controls the tilt tension. And thus, locking the knob won’t let the chair back tilt anymore and stays in upright position keeping the backbone posture align.

How do I lock my office chair height?

Most of the office chairs already have a lever attached at bottom of the chair. For increasing height, get of the chair and pull the lever upwards. For decreasing the height, sit on the chair and press the lever downwards.

What is the knob on the bottom of office chair?

The knob attached at the bottom of office chair is basically a lever that controls the tilt tension. When a person relaxes on the chair the back rest tilts backward and can be locked with the help of this knob.

How does an office chair cylinder work?

Chair cylinder works on the mechanism called as pneumatic system. The cylinder is filled with nitrogen gas and a piston is attached to it. With the pressure dynamics the chair moves up and down.

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